Braille Resources

Braille Resources

Duxbury Systems - Braille Resources - Includes information about Duxbury, Mega Dots, plus a variety of links for Transcribers and their webpages.

Guide to Braille Resources - an in-depth guide by SuperSummary 

BRL: Braille Through Remote Learning - Includes Braille, Contraction Lists, Problem Words and Braille Formats (textbooks, literary, poetry, plays, etc.), plus BANA Resources.

Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired - A comprehensive website for Educational Services, Teachers, and Braille Resources

Braille Formats Online

BANA - Braille Authority of North America - This authority for Braille promotes standardization of Braille and Tactile Graphics materials and also interprets and renders opinions of Braille rules.

Dancing Dots - Braille Music Technology

Utah State Library Division - Library for the Blind and Disabled - This library service loans materials for the blind and disabled such as large print, braille, cassettes, etc. for the State of Utah.

Opus Technologies - This company develops and sells software, print, and braille materials, especially braille music.

Utah Schools for the Deaf & Blind - This organization provides direct and indirect services and resources for sensory impaired children from birth to age 21 for the State of Utah.

Pokadot - Free downloadable 6-key direct Braille Transcription software for sighted transcribers.

National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (Library of Congress) - This service provides Braille training for transcribers and also provides reading materials for the Blind.

Braille 2000 - This site describes its Braille 2000 program. This program can be downloaded and evaluated for no charge - however, be aware that limitations do apply. The program is Windows compatible and is fairly user friendly.

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